Fizz Quiz!
(Test Your Soft Drink Knowledge)

By: NAPS News Service
Special to the
Oahu Island News

America’s love affair with soft drinks dates back to the late 1700s. At the time, it was believed that mineral waters bubbling up from natural springs could cure everything from arthritis to indigestion. It was discovered the bubbles fizzing in these waters were simple carbon dioxide. Soon afterwards, scientists perfected a way of producing man-made carbonated water.

With this invention, pharmacists began experimenting with the bubbly water to determine what types of healthful concoctions they could develop. They combined the water with a multitude of ingredients from birch bark to dandelions. And while no miracle cures were developed, some very interesting flavors and tastes were discovered, including root beer, ginger ale and sarsaparilla. These popular flavors combined with carbonated water led to the invention of today’s favorite sodas.

“Today’s best known soft drinks have been around for quite a while and are fondly etched in our culture and memories,” said John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest. “These products-and the music and imagery that are part of their heritage-have been warming our hearts and quenching our thirsts for decades or longer.”

Over the next two years, several of America’s favorite brands will be celebrating milestone birthdays – including Sunkist Orange Soda, which turns a robust 25 years old in 2003, and granddaddy Canada Dry Ginger Ale, which hits the big 100 in 2004.

Are you up to snuff when it comes to the history of your favorite soft drinks? Test your knowledge with this

Fizz Quiz:

1. What grapefruit-flavored soft drink did Herb Bishop create during the Great Depression? a. Crush; b. Squirt; c. Sunkist; d. Stewart’s.

2. What soft drink brand was onboard the Gemini 9 space flight? The astronauts used it to mix their dry foods. a. Canada Dry; b. 7 UP; c. Hawaiian Punch; d. IBC Root Beer.

3. What soft drink was created by the General Cinema Corporation in 1978? a. Welch’s; b. Dr Pepper; c. Canada Dry; d. Sunkist Orange Soda.

4. What did Hawaiian Punch’s beloved mascot Punchy do in 1992? a. He served as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations; b. Punchy had an unsuccessful bid for President;
c. He joined the circus to become a lion tamer; d. Punchy set up a Hawaiian Punch theme park in his native Hawaii.

5. Launched in 1958, what was the first diet soft drink? a. Diet 7 UP; b. Diet RC Cola; c. Diet Rite; d. Diet A&W Root Beer

Answers :

1. b. Squirt was the grapefruit-flavored soda created in 1938 at the height of the Great Depression.

2.  a. Canada Dry was used aboard the Gemini 9 flight.

3. d. Sunkist Orange Soda was created in 1978 in the U.S. – Sunkist turns 25 this year.

4. b. Punchy ran an unsuccessful campaign for president in 1992 as part of the brand’s marketing campaign.

5. c. Diet Rite was launched in 1958 by the Royal Crown Company as the   first diet soft drink.