One of these days I’ll finally accept the fact that I can’t do it all.  Dr. Laura Schlesinger calls it the “hurried woman syndrome.” This is basically when 

women have too much on their plates

. This endless balancing act disables them from being loving and kind to those around them, especially their spouses. Instead, they’re irritable and quick-tempered.

I don’t think I’ve contracted “hurried woman syndrome” just yet, but I’m taking preventative measures. I see the groundwork laid for a potentially bad case of it.

Like many other women, I’m trying to be Wonder Woman of the 21st century. I have a career that’s important to me and a desire be good at what I do.

Physical health is also a priority. In fact, I think it’s essential to mental and spiritual well-being. I believe everyone needs a creative outlet, and quiet time. Friends are treasures I see rarely. Coordinating a girls’ luncheon takes months because we are all in the same busied boat.

Careers, families, other responsibilities, self-time, endless errands—we are drowning and looking for a life vest. E-mail and cell phones were supposed to help save time. Instead, they are my heaviest burden. I have three e-mail accounts and barely have the time to check one.

At home, I’m lucky! My boyfriend does the cooking, and I do the dishes – a wonderful arrangement since I never have time to cook. But I do vacuum, scrub the tub and sew on buttons. My dry-cleaning’s been sitting in my trunk for more over month. I haven’t had the time to drop it off.

I made a new rule for myself after slamming on the brakes to avoid the car stopped in front of me. The loud screeching and black smoke from my burnt tires was enough to implement the “NO TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING” rule. That lasted three days. I didn’t check my messages or make a single call. I was totally disconnected from work and friends.

What’s the solution to slowing down our hurried lives? Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins says just accept that you can’t get it all done and focus on the task at hand. Author Echart Tolle says live in the present moment and stop thinking about the future. My shrink says decide what are my priorities, and eliminate something from the bottom of the list. My creditors say work, work, and work – make money and get out of debt a.s.a.p. My boyfriend says he misses me and feels like we don’t spend enough time together, but he understands my schedule. My heart says there’s time for everything. I just need to accept the fact that I don’t have to do everything today. The same stuff will be there

KHNL News 8’s evening newscaster Melisa Uchida is a Boston University graduate.