"Da Kine"

By Tony Solis

Passing Gas…Stations

Everything is expensive! I go to the store and milk cost over $6 — unless you’re a member. Member of what? I buy a plate lunch and I fork over $7 dollars and some change. I go to my local fast food drive through order a Speedy #5 and it cost me a Fast Number 10. What’s the deal with that?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking — I didn’t forget about gas prices. But what if I were to map out a different way of looking at the price of fuel that may put things into perspective.


Liquid Product and its price per gallon

Lipton Ice Tea (16 oz.)

$1.19  or $9.52 per gallon

Ocean Spray (16 oz.)

$1.25 or $10.00/gal.

Gatorade (20 oz.)

$1.59 or $10.17/gal.

Diet Snapple (16 oz.)

$1.29 or $10.32/gal.

White Out (7 oz.)

$1.39 or 25.42/gal.

Brake Fluid (12 oz.)

$3.15 or $33.60/gal.

Scope (1.5 oz.)

$0.99 or $84.4/gal.

Pepto Bismol (4 oz.)

$3.85 or $123.20/gal.

Vick’s Nyquil (6 oz.)

$8.35 or $178.13/gal.

Now here is the one that gets me dead center to my gut…

Evian water (9 oz.)

$1.49 or $21.19/gal.

$21.19 per gallon for water, H2O, the most abundant compound on earth! As a frequent bottled water buyer I don’t even know the source. Do you? Here’s a mental note for you: Do you know “EVIAN” spelled backwards spells “NAÏVE?” That’s how I feel with this newfound knowledge.

Next time as you make your way to Costco or the really overpriced gasoline station in your community, be extremely joyous that your car don’t run on designer water, Whiteout, Scope and, especially, Pepto Bismol or Nyquil.

I hope this information brings some lomi lomi to your conscience as your filling up at the pump.

Tony Solis is the Host of “Eh! U Da Kine, Ah?” in its second season on OC16, and is an on-air personality and the producer of the Aloha Morning Show on Hawaiian 105 KINE. Tony can be reached at: tony@udakinetv.com.