Be Positive

    I’ve become known for my association with watermelon; watermelon hat, watermelon shoes. People are always asking, why? Well here’s why.

    “As the umbilical cord ushers a mother’s blood filled with nutrients into her child, so the watermelon vine carries the nurturing life force of the earth into a tiny flower that becomes the heavenly object known as watermelon.”

    “Vines alone are prickly, unappealing things. The same can be said for the thorny events in our lives that we would rather overlook then look over. The vine is the connection that watermelons have in common. Our connection is the vine of Spirit.”

    “The big green leaves that spring from the vine protect the watermelons from the sun and wind. We are also protected during our early years, not by leaves, but by loving parents, relatives, or friends.”

    “To the eye, a watermelon field is a sea of circular objects. From afar each emerald-green case looks identical to every other; yet up close each is as uniquely swirled as a fingerprint. From a distance, we too look identical, but when we get up close and personal we become aware of our unique, individual qualities. Watermelons come in all sizes, hues, and shapes. Still, they are all born of a vine, the way humankind, of different sizes, shapes and hues, are all born of woman.”

    “George Bernard Shaw wrote of being used for a purpose recognized as a mighty one and of being thoroughly used up when he died. We can take a cue from watermelon, for every part of the melon is used. My mother pickled the rind when I was a kid; you can drink the juice; the seeds can be toasted for snacks or used to grow more watermelons; and of course you can eat the meat, or as watermelon farmers say, the flesh, which is another connection. Watermelon not only satisfies, it’s fun and it motivates.”

    “All the actions and events in our lives are linked, as if on a vine. We cannot detach ourselves from the constant vine that binds us to our past and energizes our future. Just as all watermelons are not as sweet as we anticipate, all of our life situations will not rise to our expectations. Yet if we choose to, we can work for an attain the sweetness that surges through the vines of our lives.”

    Watermelon colors, red, white and green, are also Christmas colors. So, watermelon reminds me to love one another and above all else, have fun Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

Wally Amos lives in Lanikai. Amos is best known as the creator of the “Famous Amos” brand of chocolate chip cookie. In Kailua, Wally and Christine Amos have opened a retail store at 609 Kailua Road in Kailua for “Chip & Cookie,” the literacy dolls, home-made cookies and family reading programs they created.




Wally Amos lives in Lanikai. Amos is best known as the creator of the “Famous Amos” brand of chocolate chip cookie. In Kailua, Wally and Christine Amos are opening a retail store for “Chip & Cookie,” the literacy dolls and family reading program they created. Visit