Cinnamonís Restaurant Is
A Favorite For Sunday Brunch

By: Kevin McQuarrie
Oahu Island News

Sure, there are some brunch detractors in the world. But if I can combine the satisfaction of a hot, big breakfast with the pleasure of getting to sleep late on a Sunday, I am a happy man. How can you not love this concept? Thatís why I was pleased when some friends suggested we meet to try out brunch at Cinnamonís Restaurant, which is located in Kailua Square.

There must be some sort of town tradition to go to Cinnamonís for Sunday brunch, because when we arrived, the place was positively hopping. There were families, groups of friends, couples. The restaurant has a large, pleasant outdoor seating area, with shaded tables scattered throughout a courtyard. Those tables, however, proved to be in high demand, so we opted for the 10-minute wait and sat inside. Indoors, the Cinnamonís dťcor has sort of a country/homey feel, with a large faux arbor. While itís not air-conditioned, an abundance of ceiling fans keeps patrons cool.

While perusing the menu, I was tempted to order a few of the homemade bakery items, which included cinnamon rolls, cornbread and coffee cake. But my new diet ó you know the one ó now keeps me away from all those carbohydrates, so I ordered a Baja Breakfast ($7.25). This generous plateful of scrambled eggs, green chiles and cheddar cheese arrives served on a corn tortilla. With salsa, sour cream and an entire side plate of home-fried potatoes included, itís a lot of bang for the buck. If you have a big appetite, you can upsize the dish by ordering it served with ground beef or shredded chicken, for $8.25.

My friend chose the S.A.N.D. ($5.50), the restaurantís acronym for a ďStart of A Nice Day.Ē Itís a hearty, classic American breakfast, reminiscent of the food you would find during the bygone days of meandering, road-trip travels. Itís two buttermilk pancakes, an egg and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. Pour on a little syrup and you have a meal that can wake up even the sleepiest person.

We also tried the eggs Benedict: two poached eggs on an English muffin ($9.95). They have several variations on this dish. My New York-transplant friend selected the lox version. Lox is cured, smoked salmon and the saltiness is a great foil for the richness of egg yolk. I should note that Cinnamonís makes its hollandaise sauce fresh and from scratch, which always raises the level of eggs Benedict to new heights.

Heartier appetites will also enjoy the Meat ín Eggs options on the menu, which include eggs with bacon, meat-loaf or roast beef and gravy. If youíre in a decadent mood, try the broiled prime rib ($9.75), which is also available with sautťed mushrooms and onions for an additional $1.50.

If youíre interested in lighter, more healthful food, Cinnamonís has a lot to offer, including Egg Beaters substitutes for the egg dishes. There are also plenty of vegetarian options. Another option is to eat off the lunch menu, which has many salads. We tried the Mandarin salad ($8.75). Itís tasty mix of Char Siu pork, roasted chicken, crispy won-ton strips and crunchy peanuts on a big bed of tossed greens.

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Cinnamonís. The staff was prompt but not pushy. Our server gave us attention, but also let us relax and enjoy the morning. Lingering over coffee, we had a leisurely breakfast and then hit the beach. It was the start of a nice day, indeed.

Cinnamon's Restaurant
315 Uluniu Street
Kailua, HI