Symbolize Love And Romance
With Jewelry This Valentine’s

By: Alice Leonardo
Oahu Island News

Valentine’s Day began during the Roman Empire, when Emperor Claudius II cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome.

A Christian priest named Valentine defended love and secretly married couples, despite the emperor’s orders. As a result, he was imprisoned and remained in prison until his death on February 14, 270.

A few hundred years later, the church wanted to do away with pagan holidays and Valentine’s Day came to replace a mid-February fertility festival called Lupercalia. The original festival observed on February 15 honored Lupercus, a deity who kept wild wolves away from Rome. One custom associated with Lupercalia was the practice of name-drawing.

On Lupercalia Eve the names of young girls were written down on pieces of paper and put in jars, from which each young man would draw. The girl each young man drew would be his “girlfriend” for the year. This may be the origin of Valentine’s Day cards.

The legends surrounding this special day are as diverse as the lovers who celebrate it. Regardless of its origin, February 14 is written in history as an occasion for exchanging gifts that symbolize love and romance. And as wise gift-givers know, fine jewelry ranks high among women’s most desired tokens of affection.

Today, cards and gifts are still used to express the themes of love and fertility taken from the ancient meanings of this enduring holiday.

If diamonds are in your gift-giving plans, you can have a diamond inscribed with a secret message, thanks to cutting-edge laser technology. Sweethearts love the inscription as the ultimate personal touch. It also provides security as an easy way to identify her very own diamond.

Since the message can be read only under magnification, the wearer can keep it to herself or share it with others.

You can also customize a unique piece of jewelry for your valentine by having your local jeweler create a bracelet or necklace with your sweetheart’s name etched in gold, platinum or silver. Or, if she has one of those popular bracelets with add-on links, give her a few new ones with romantic themes.

For women of all ages, the appeal of charms is hard to resist. Hearts, flowers, animals, travel and hobby themes are just a few of the hundreds of beautifully detailed charms that can be worn on a chain necklace or attached to a link bracelet. Newest of all are whimsical gold rings with two or three dangling charms of gold or carved gemstones.

If this is the time you plan to “pop the question,” select a diamond ring that reflects her personal style. Consider inscribing the inside of the ring with the date of your betrothal or with your initials intertwined. Be sure any diamond you purchase comes with a GIA Diamond Grading Report, regarded internationally as the most respected laboratory authentication for diamonds.