"Da Kine"


Those Pesky Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve made as many as you have — if not more. Making promises on the coming New Year to do this. Do that. Stop doing this. Stop doing that. This is simply ridiculous! This has nothing to do with developing a disciplined mind-set. Unbelievable how many of us tend to think there is some sort of mystical power that comes with the New Year.

Pessimistic? Not really. Realistic? Yeah, that’s it. How many of you can proclaim you kept the resolutions you made way, way back last January? Ah-ha! See, not many! Myself included. C’mon! You have to admit keeping a promise to oneself based solely upon it being a new year has no basis in reality. Do you base your relationships on this? How about your financial health? Ok, how about something as simple as not being a procrastinator? See! We make huge and important promises to ourselves at the top of the calendar but won’t do the same for practical day-to-day living.

Let me give you an alternative we’ll simply call “Practical Decision Making 101.”

Decision 1: Decide not to make silly New Year’s Resolutions.

Decision 2: Jot down what means a lot to you and those you love. For instance: losing weight, stopping smoking, getting out of debt, spending more time with wife and kids, etc.

Decision 3: Plan how you intend to keep this list of very important life altering changes. If losing weight is a priority, then buy a book on health and fitness. If getting out of debt is also up there on your list then look for a money management program on the Internet.

Decision 4: Make sure your goals are realistic but with a stretch. There is so much joy when one attains his or her personal goal.

Decision 5: Be ready to accept times of weakness. Anticipate them. If you fall once, twice or even three times, don’t quit! Don’t ever quit! Just saddle up again.

Decision 6: Anticipate withdrawal. There will be many times you will want to skip on eating that healthy meal or puff on that cigarette to help take your mind off of some How do you overcome this? Have a plan. Eat at least half that healthy meal. Instead of taking a puff on that cig, take a walk. You’ll be surprised what a positive step you made.

Decision 7: Reward yourself! This is the finest of the decisions. If you had a great week in losing weight this week go out and buy you a fat steak! Just kidding. Rewarding yourself with food when trying to lose weight may not work. Instead, try a new shirt or pair of shoes.

Have a Happy New Year! Promise? Aloha, Tony.

Tony Solis is the Host of “Eh! U Da Kine, Ah?” in its third season on OC16, and is an on-air personality and the producer of the Aloha Morning Show on Hawaiian 105 KINE. Tony can be reached at: tony@udakinetv.com.