Eliminate Your Excess Bodyfat

By: Dr. Teresa Denney
Special to the Oahu Island News

Fat is fat is fat. Most of us spend countless hours at the gym or spend countless dollars on dieting schemes that have yielded the same result: back to Square 1. The fat that hangs onto our bellies, thighs, arms and buttocks just won’t budge. Perhaps if we spend some time and try to understand the make-up of the fat that has set up camp on our bodies, we could better understand how to get rid of it once and for all.

There are basically two types of fat: subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat. Most women store their fat subcutaneously in their breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs (the traditional “pear shape”), while most men store theirs in the abdomen, lower back, chest and at the nape of the neck.

Intra-abdominal fat is the fat behind the stomach muscles and around the organs. This kind of fat is the most dangerous. All of the potential health risks, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are related to this storage of fat. The problem is how we try to get rid of the “fat pockets”. Dieting by restricting calories and increasing aerobic exercise only causes your genetic survival mechanism to kick in. The body thinks it is in starvation mode and begins to store anything that comes in as fat. These “fat pockets” are the first to be filled up and the last to leave.

Your body has a set idea of how fat it “wants” you to be. This is your “set point,” and how high or low it is depends on several factors surrounding your growth and development, such as what your mom did when she was pregnant, what you did during puberty and what you’ve done as an adult. Your brain sets things up to try to keep you at that “set point” weight, more or less. To a degree, it can adjust metabolism and other body processes up and down in response to over- and under-feeding, respectively. In general, for clear evolutionary reasons, your body works far harder against you when you underfeed than when you overfeed.

Essentially, your body wants to keep you at a certain level of body fat (which is usually higher than you want) because it thinks that the next famine could be around the corner. The theory is, if food becomes unavailable tomorrow, you’ll live longer if you’re fatter. In addition to the storage response your body has to famine, your body has a well-developed way of keeping you alive, such as slowing your metabolic rate, reducing activity so that you burn less calories, making you hungry so you’ll go look for what food might be available, and decreasing fat burning, as well as many others. All are aimed at helping you to survive until food becomes available. In a few thousand years perhaps, once our bodies have figured out that famines aren’t coming, our genetics will adapt. Until then, metabolic slowdown is the price to pay for dieting.

 As far as your body is concerned, dieting is really no different than starvation. The only real difference is extremes; eating something (dieting) versus eating nothing (starvation). In both cases, your body recognizes that you’re eating less than you should, and it adapts accordingly. The reason why Lipolyte works is because it gets rid of the fat in those “fat pockets” without putting the body into “survival” or “starvation” mode. Lipolyte is made of lecithin, liposomes and other natural substances that support fat loss without triggering the survival or fat-storage mode.

Lipolyte treatments do not change your body’s intake of calories, like dieting does; thus, it does not trigger your body’s natural adaptation to changes in diet. In addition to Lipolyte treatment, we recommend a moderate diet similar to the South Beach, ZONE or Dr. Shintani’s vegetarian diet with a balance in proteins and carbs. The diet includes complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and other vegetables but not simple sugars.

Simple sugars and simple carbs are the major cause of fat storage. By eating complex carbohydrates, we can help burn fat; also, the body needs essential fatty acids and healthy fats to help burn fats. This type of diet; in combination with the fat emulsifying (dissolving) action of Lipolyte and exercise, is truly what we’ve found to be an effective way to reshape the body. We are happy that Lipolyte is in Las Vegas. Let your friends and family know in that area.

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