Publisher:   Kelly Wilden
  Editor:   John Baer
  Copy Editor:   Doug Vanderweide
  Graphic Design:   GJ Enterprises
  Photography:   John Baer
  Staff Writers:   Kevin McQuarrie
      Mary Young
  Advertising:   Ed Tracy
      John Baer
      Ken Mihata
Oahu Island News
PO Box 1501
Kailua, HI  96734
808-263-3535 (office)
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The Oahu Island News is a free island-wide newspaper. It is printed monthly by Kolokea Publishing, Inc. and distributed at over 125 locations throughout Oahu.

Contributions to the Oahu Island News are always welcome and can be faxed, mailed or e-mailed to the editor. All deadlines are approximately two weeks prior to publication.

Articles and advertisements published in the Oahu Island News are the sole opinion of the writer or advertiser. They may not reflect the opinion or beliefs of the Publisher and the Oahu Island News.

The Oahu Island News is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and the Hawaii Publishers Association.