Tudo De Bom: 

Brazilian Bar-B-Que

Melts in Your Mouth

By Mary Young

Tudo De Bom’s Brazilian style barbecue is a pleasant alternative to tying on a bib and licking sticky sauce off your fingers.

Instead, you’ll be served a variety of choice meats that are grilled on skewers and brought to your table at the moment they are done. It’s called churrasco rodizio in Brazil; churrasco means barbecue, and rodizio – roughly “in turn” – refers to this rotational way of serving. Churrasco rodizio originated with the gauchos of Brazil’s southern grazing lands, who would rub chunks of fresh meat with rock salt and grill them on long skewers over a wood fire.

Diners at Tudo De Bom use a small wooden token to signal the server. Place it with the green side up if you want the cut of meat being offered; red side up if you’re finished or want to take a break.

I think it would be fun to go with a group, because the interactive service lends itself to a big table. In any case, plan on a leisurely meal so you can really savor the star attractions. My companion and I tried pepper steak, very garlicky garlic steak, lime-marinated pork loin, chicken, chicken sausage, top sirloin, and melt-in-your- mouth tenderloin. I like the pacing of the courses, and the fact that portions are small enough to try them all and have seconds on my favorites.

Supporting players in this fixed price meal are a salad bar and a buffet of hot items, both Brazilian and American. The buffet choices vary, but typically they include Brazilian style rice, black beans, french fries, pasta, collard greens, and vegetables. Try the yuca flour, a crunchy condiment made from ground manioc root. The flour is sautéed with other ingredients to punch up the flavor (chef-owner Marcos Santos prepares it with bacon, onions, and olives). Yuca flour is used as a meat dip or sprinkled on beans and rice.

The staff did a pretty good job of replenishing and tidying the buffet table. Our minor complaint was with the french fries, which were room temperature when we got there. They were replaced with hot fries later, though.

The price is $19.98 per person on weeknights and weekend lunches; $24.95 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The weekend menu offers more meat varieties and some special items such as fresh fish and Brahma bull cupim (hump meat).

The full bar service includes a good selection of reasonably priced wines, available by the glass or bottle. For a sweeter beverage, try a batida – a frothy combination of fresh tropical fruit and cachaca, a sugar cane liqueur.

When pressed for a dessert recommendation, our server suggested the cheesecake. I was not disappointed; it was excellent. Fruit sorbets and flan were among the other dessert offerings.


Tudo De Bom, located on the second floor of McCully Shopping Center, is an attractive and unpretentious place to spend an evening with friends. I suspect most of the diners that busy Wednesday night were repeat customers. I plan to be one of them soon.


Tudo De Bom

1960 Kapiolani Boulevard
in the McCully Shopping Center

Dinner is served every night
from 5 to 10 p.m.

Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to
2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday only

Reservations are recommended;
call 942-0267.

Major credit cards and checks
are accepted.