Lipo-Lyte: Dissolves Away
Body Fat The Natural Way

By: Dr. Teresa Denney
Special to the
Oahu Island News

Last month we discussed Lipo-Lyte, a new injection that literally dissolves away fat from targeted areas of the body.

So, how does Lipo-Lyte work? Depending on the area and the desired results, a patient gets injected with the Lipo-Lyte at the trouble site (“fat pockets”), or at various sites on the body over the course of several weeks.

A topical anesthetic is used at the injection site. One may experience some side effects like mild swelling and bruising or itching at the injection site. The patient then waits a couple of weeks and goes back in for another round of shots. After the treatments are over and the swelling subsides, one should find a new, fat-free area in its wake, thanks to the fat dissolving properties of Lipo-Lyte.

Lipo-Lyte is like liposuction, in that it removes specific areas of fat. Unlike liposuction, the traditional method of targeted fat reduction, it involves only using a small needle to inject lecithin, a proven fat-reduction compound widely used in Europe. Liposuction, as we all know, literally vacuums fat from the body and can result in bleeding, infection and scars.

Because no official protocols have been established, how many shots you need depends upon what your doctor advises. Lipo-Lyte is a Hawaiian formula that not only lipolyses fat, it also helps the layers of skin and fascia to close and adhere together, so that you firm and tighten as well.

A patient named Edwina has had three children and her tummy had a little fat pocket that would not go away. Now she can fit into her bathing suit without the tummy bulge. She is so happy she fits into smaller clothing now.

The last few months we have been using the Lipo-Lyte in the office for those who have little pockets of unwanted, hard-to-get-rid-of fat. One of our patients recently spoke of her experience: “I have tried diet after diet, pill after pill, natural supplements on top of everything else and still the abdominal fat remained. Those fat pockets have finally started to dissolve and the release the fat in front of me has made me feel good about myself again. I have lost over 12 inches total. We used Lipo-Lyte only in the area below my piko from hip to hip and now I can feel the benefit. Since the injections, my back has hurt less and there is less of me to see. I’ve only had three treatments and the loss will continue for up to three more months. I’m so excited I finally have a way to get smaller so that exercising will be less of an effort for me. I’m happy that Lipo-Lyte is a natural way of losing unwanted body fat. Fat loss is now so easy for me. Thank you, Dr. Denney. Thank you for making Lipo-Lyte available in Hawaii.”

Another patient had these words to say about the Lipo-Lyte treatment: “My double chin is gone after three sessions with Lipo-Lyte. The fat bags under my eyes have disappeared after only two treatments with Lipo-Lyte. The uneven waistline is gone and my hips are balanced after just three treatments with Lipo-Lyte. I’m glad that Lipo-Lyte has come to Hawaii and I don’t have to go to the mainland to get this easy and new way of losing my fat bags.”

Do you only need a couple of shots to get rid of that stubborn slab of abdominal flab? Wendy, a registered nurse who has been active and on a good diet for years, was a size 6. She has had Lipo-Lyte injections five times on the areas she just couldn’t get rid of – the “dimply” saddle bag area and her legs, where she couldn’t reduce with exercise. “My skin is so smooth and silky now and all of the cellulite is gone.” She’s now a size 2. Now that is fab-u-less!

Dr. Teresa Denney is an osteopathic physician who has studied nutrition for over 30 years and youthful or anti-aging medicine for over 20 years. She is the medical director for Integrated Healthcare in Kahala and can be reached by calling 732-0888 or online at