I read somewhere those looking for love should make a list of the qualities or traits they want in a partner and hide it somewhere in the house, preferably under something alive – like a plant or aquarium. I think the idea is to give life to 

the object of your desire. Like every girl, I wanted to meet my Prince Charming and I was willing to try anything. Most people frequent bars, have friends set them up, even try Internet dating — so why not try  feng shui?

I recruited two of my best friends (both men) and we made our lists.  We visualized our ideal partners.  “Funny, attractive, cool, fit, intelligent, voluptuous, educated, genuine, trustworthy, sincere, nice lips …” and on and on.  Assembling our perfect mates was like being at an all-you-can-eat ice-cream sundae bar — any flavor, any topping, mix-and-match to your personalized taste. Our lists got so long we made a five-trait limit; otherwise, we’d be single forever, waiting for the impossible! I had a really hard time choosing between nice teeth and height, but braces and bleaching are always available, right?  Is that superficial?

“Funny, a good/decent person with integrity, tall, healthy lifestyle/physically active, intelligent,” my list read. “Sense of humor and wit, very active and fit, Asian/ethnic, educated with a career and compassionate,” were “Ned’s” top picks.

Joe wanted someone with “big breasts, Philipino/Asian mix, an attractive face, fun and preferably unintelligent.”

We debated over the importance of intelligence and cup size but we each have those things that we won’t compromise.

We hid our lists throughout the apartment just like the article said to do. It’s been a year now; the lists long forgotten.

I found mine last week underneath a dead fern. I lifted the plant out of its pot to toss it, and sitting in a puddle of water was my list. I carefully peeled apart the folds. The ink was smeared and barely legible, but I could still make out my scribble. “Oh God,” I thought, “Does it still work if the plant’s dead?” You know what? It does! The man in my life today possesses all those qualities (and then some!). “Joe” must’ve hid his in a good spot too because he has met many big-breasted, attractive Asian women this year. Even “Ned” met someone who met his description.

Maybe it’s just hype, but I am a firm believer in feng shui now.  If you're willing to try feng shui for love (and I highly recommend it), here’s what else the experts suggest: Place double images of anything in the bedroom (candles, romantic icons, vases or photos of yourself with your partner). Plants will improve the chi, wind-activated objects attract energy if there is a breeze, but don’t hang them if there’s not. Round mirrors are also good.

Why not try feng shui for love? You may discover you don’t need that membership to cupid.com after all.

Malisa Uchida is a graduate of Boston University. She now reports news and traffic on the “Lanai & Augie Morning Show” (Island 98.5 FM), as well as producing “The Mike Buck Show” (KHVH 830 AM). She can be reached at malisa@oahuislandnews.com