The Oahu Island News is nearing 18 years of age and I am proud to introduce myself as its new, but only third, publisher. My immediate predecessors, editor John Baer and publisher Kelly Wilden, did a superb job in preserving the nature and character of the newspaper founded by Yana Shane back in 1987. I hope to honor those who came before me by continuing to produce the best possible island-wide free paper.

          Over the next few months, subtle changes will emerge, such as additional engaging columns by local experts, more reports of significant island happenings and personality profiles from all walks of island life. With every issue, well go deep inside some aspect of living on Oahu in a style and fashion you wont find elsewhere.

So I offer you this promise: If you continue reading Oahu Island News on a regular basis, you will get more real value for your efforts. Maybe youll find out how to deal with health problem, how to get ahead financially or maybe just a smile or two.

                                                -- W. Knox Richardson, Editor and Publisher