"Da Kine"

By Tony Solis


Once upon a time, women were treated as the lesser of two human species. But, believe me, today that is the furthest thing from the truth. In the past, women were considered second - unequal to men. Today’s women, though, are nothing like they’ve been perceived in days gone by. More women than ever are educated and liberated. They don’t cook and they don’t want to learn! They work in the fields of construction, sports and even certain perform religious function that were once considered taboo. As for me, I’ve always believed women were far better off than men. Their senses, as well as their sensibilities, are far more finely tuned. I also believe we need them way more than they need us.

I’ve compiled a short list of benefits that illustrate clearly the advantages women have over men:

1. Interior color design. A man would say, “tan.” A woman would correct him by saying, “beige, egg shell or sepia.”

2. Intellectual conversation. Women can talk to people of the opposite sex without needing to picture them naked.

3. Personal observations. Women can fully assess a person simply by looking at their shoes.

4. Adolescence. When the wind blew, women only had to worry about holding down their dresses.

5. Pubescent years. It’s possible for women to go throughout four years of high school without ever taking a group shower.

6. Break-ups. A woman that keeps vying for unrequited attention is “wounded.” A man that does the same is a “stalker.”

7. Equality. When a woman passes gas it’s cute. But when a man does it, it’s toxic!

There you have it! The benefits of being a woman. I’m sure that being
a man has it benefits, too. In fact, visit me next month and I will have that list for you.


Tony Solis is the Host of “Eh! U Da Kine, Ah?” in its second season on OC16, and is an on-air personality and the producer of the Aloha Morning Show on Hawaiian 105 KINE. Tony can be reached at: tony@udakinetv.com.