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OpenForum: Integrity Hawaii

Integrity Hawaii--a group of local gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and supportive straight Episcopalians—will hand-deliver a letter to Governor Lingle urging her to sign HB444, the Civil Unions Bill, into law. The letter was a response to the Governor’s inclusion of HB444 in the list of bills she is still considering for veto. The letter is consistent with a previous letter delivered to the Governor, which was signed by approximately 50+ Episcopal clergy and lay people, emphasizes three reasons why Governor Lingle should sign HB 444 rather than veto the bill:

1.The National Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii supports civil unions for same-gender couples as a matter of justice and pono.

2.This is an issue of civil law rather than religious belief, and that the Constitutional Principle of the separation of church and state is a cherished principle of Episcopalians and Americans.

3.A majority of Hawaii’s people support civil unions for ALL couples, mixed or same sex.

To contact Integrity Hawai`i members for more information you may contact: Don Botsai, Convener @ 383-7542, Keola Akana, secretary @ 234-8220, Rev. David Jackson @ 291-2228 or Rev. Michael Barham @ 955-7745.

July 2015