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Ten Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry

By Brenda Reichel

Dear Men and Boys:

When it comes to buying your best girls some jewelry, it is not like buying them a dozen roses. With flowers, you cannot go wrong. That cannot be said about buying a woman jewelry.

Here are 10 good rules men should heed before walking into any store where gold is the prominent color and the showcases are full of shiny bobbles and other glistening stuff.

1. Men should never buy a woman a piece of jewelry without doing some homework.

2. Men should pay attention to the jewelry she already has and build on a theme.

3. Men should find a qualified jeweler/gemologist who has the education to guide him thru the process of buying the right jewelry and gemstones.

4. Men should look for diamonds with laboratory reports by GIA, AGS, HRD, EGL. Without “the papers” that accompany the gem, you really don’t know what you are really getting.

5. Ask her what she wants, or ask her mother or perhaps her best friend – if they can keep a secret. (This is a loaded rule – so be careful.)

6. Know beforehand and how much you want to spend and do not go over your budget. Get something you can afford to buy. Regrets usually come with compound interest.

7. Size does matter when it comes to diamonds. A 1.0 carat is a magical number for most women but that may not be within your budget. The average diamond engagement ring is approximately 0.50 carats to 1.05 carats.

8. Men, you must learn what is the most important to your lady. Better clarity may get you a smaller stone, but with a better cut, and more color may get you a larger stone.

9. Men often chose the wrong color of precious metal. What color does she wear? Men, you must look at what she already has in her jewelry wardrobe, and then you can pick the right color. Hopefully.

10. Don’t shop the Internet for expensive jewelry because you really cannot see and touch what you are buying. The Internet is still the Wild West. The jeweler should be a bricks-and-mortar location like Carat & Karats Fine Jewelry, your educated jeweler and gemologists.

Would you buy a classic car off eBay without even hearing the engine? I don’t think so. Doesn’t your lady deserve that same consideration.

11. Special Bonus Rule: If all else fails, bring her along, just so you can see what see likes and then stop back in for the purchase. Anticipation of a jewelry present is almost as good as the gift itself.

Brenda Reichel, owner of Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry, is a graduate gemologist, member of the International Society of Appraisers, and proprietor of an AGA-certified Gem Laboratory. She can be reached at 735-2301. Visit Brenda’s website at: http://www.caratsandkarats.com.

July 2015