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By W. Knox Richardson

You can be born into it, like royalty. Or maybe you just like horses. It can run in the blood of your family for generations. Or at age 50 you may find yourself with an extra few hundred thousand dollars laying around, and you think you might — you just might — like to learn to play polo, mostly because golf is just so passé.


Tips for Saving Money with Hawaii Wedding Packages

Tips for Saving Money with Hawaii Wedding Packages

By George Michel

If you are considering traveling to Hawaii to experience a wedding in paradise, you should probably think about selecting an affordable Hawaii wedding package. In Hawaii can it be a surprisingly affordable alternative to planning your wedding using an ala carte menu of services.

Useful Information about Oahu


Editorial: The Solar Challenge

Hawaii and solar seem like the perfect combination, and solar has already made significant inroads in the Hawaiian market. In fact, solar hot water systems cover almost half the homes on Maui and one-third of the homes on Oahu. Clearly folks in Hawaii know the value of solar energy. Solar PV has not reached the same level of penetration, but that should change soon.


Reader Feature: A Green Sea Turtle Adventure

A Green Sea Turtle Adventure

By Rico Leffanta

A recent edition of the “Oahu Island News” featured “The Art & Science of the Green Sea Turtle.” So I grabbed a copy to see what more I could learn about this elusive creature.

“The Honolulu Advertiser,” and the “Honolulu Star-Bulletin” then featured articles about green sea turtles basking in the sun on Laniakea Beach. I decided it was time to go there, and see the turtles for myself



Hawaiian Reef Squid Now on Display;
Part of The Jet Set Exhibit at the Waikiki Aquarium

After a more than four-year absence, Hawaiian Reef Squid have returned to the Waikiki Aquarium. Now on display as part of The
Jet Set gallery – which also currently features octopus and nautilus – the three squid were hatched and raised by the Aquarium, and have already laid eggs in their new home.



Ten Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry

By Brenda Reichel

Dear Men and Boys:

When it comes to buying your best girls some jewelry, it is not like buying them a dozen roses. With flowers, you cannot go wrong. That cannot be said about buying a woman jewelry.

Here are 10 good rules men should heed before walking into any store where gold is the prominent color and the showcases are full of shiny bobbles and other glistening stuff.


Astrology by Jade Emory


The placement of Jupiter in the birth chart, not the Sun Sign, shows where the world says “Yes” to us in the form of ease and opportunities, and where we say “Yes” to the world in terms of having willingness and volition to act. However, choices coming easily to us or instinctively from us may not always be in the highest good. Therefore it is imperative to always remember what Confucius taught in his commentary to “I Ching” Hexagram 34, “The Power of the Great: Without rightness there can be no greatness.”


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